Short Story Translation: “221B” Mystery Magazine

The short story of Vassilis Danellis “Be ready, when I come” translated by Lale Alatli, from Greek into Turkish, was published in Turkish Mystery Magazine 221B in March 2017 – vol 8.

Vassilis Danellis is born in 1982 in Athens, but he lives in Istanbul since 2009. He holds a BA in International and European Affairs from Panteion University of Athens and a MA in Conflict Resolution from Lancaster University, UK.

For the last 12 years he has been working as a journalist for newspapers, magazines and radio in Greece. He has also contributed to international media such as Deutsche Welle, ARTE and NPR. As a writer he has been published short stories in several collective editions, as well as two novels, MavriMpira (Black Beer, 2011), which is been translated in Turkish, and Livadia apo asfodili (Asphodel Meadows, 2014). He is founding member of the Greek Crime Fiction Club (ELSAL).

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