“Karpuz / karpuzi, duvar / duvari, tencere / tenceres, kalamar / kalamari, kısmet / kismeti …”

For those who wish to take their Greek or Turkish to the next level, Lale Alatli, with her many years of experience, teaches Turkish and Greek in Thessaloniki.

Students get the chance to encounter Turkish or Greek cultures as well as the daily use of these two languages with innovative methods, games and tools employed in the area of foreign language instruction.

When teaching Greek to Turkish people living in Thessaloniki, not using a different language medium, helps the student to comprehend the Greek language directly.

Via Skype

In cases where distance or time is an issue, Skype is becoming increasingly widespread, with study notes being sent electronically. Lale Alatli, with her online lesson materials, makes language learning much easier than it normally is.