Literature magazine Eneken, vol. 43 – Cyprus

The 43rd issue (January, February, March 2017) of ENEKEN Literature Magazine was released. It is a tribute to the contemporary literature of Cyprus through the work of award winning artists of the island. The tribute also includes Turkish Cypriot authors whose works are published also in Turkish. The editing was done by the poet Andreas Karakokkinos and by the translator Lale Alatli.

Book Presentation (Serres): East of Antalya …

The presentation of  the book “East of Antalya, North of Nicosia” written by Marios Michalides was held on 18 April 2016 in Cafe Sofa – Serres.

Andreas Karakokinos, poet
Lale Alatli, translator (into Turkish) of the book
Marios Michaelides, the writer of the book

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