Translation of literary books has more specificity and is more demanding than a simple text. Apart from rendering the exact meaning, translation also needs to be carried out in a way that the expression, the style and the general content of the text are all reflected.

Many special conditions required by literary book translations reflect a whole different philosophy in translation. Literary book translations need to remain loyal to the source text while making sure that the work becomes visible without causing any damage to it. Special attention paid to maintaining the author’s style, selecting the right words, achieving consistency among words, the syntax and many other elements altogether lay the foundation of the best possible passing of a literary work into a foreign language.

Our aim to render the literary translation accurate, intriguing, flawless in terms of technique and appealing manifests itself in the books we have translated while providing us with the chance to be engaged in a continuous communication with the authors who display their confidence in us by entrusting us with the task of translating their works.

Translated books:
2019 – Zamba, Alexandra & Umit, Inatci – Ihni Mnimis, Armida Publications, Nicosia, Cyprus (Greek/Turkish – Turkish/Greek)
2017 – Ioannides, Panos, Koazinos, OPM Iletisim Yayincilik, Istanbul (Greek/Turkish)
2015 – Dafnidi, Eleni, Barbie’s Extermination, OPM Iletisim Yayincilik, Istanbul (Greek/Turkish)
2015 – Michaelides, Marios, East of Antalya, North of Nicosia, OPM Iletisim Yayincilik, Istanbul (Greek/Turkish)
2013 – Bilingual Anthology from Cyprus, Ministry of Education and Culture Publications (Greek/Turkish)
2013 – Ioannides, Panos, Ameriki ’62, OPM Iletisim Yayincilik, Istanbul (Greek/ Turkish)
1999 – Bonelli, Giovanni Luigi, Yuma Kid, Hoz Comics (Italian/Turkish)
1999 – D’Antonio, Gino, Bella ve Bronco 6: Sierralı Adam – İhanetler, Hoz Comics (Italian/Turkish)

Translation in collective works:
2018 – Anthology “Yunankarasi” – Istos Publishing House – Istanbul ISBN: 978-605-4640-62-1 (Greek/Turkish)
2018 – Anthology of Young Cypriot Poets – Vakxikon Publishing House. ΙSBN: 978-618-5286-86-6 (Turkish/Greek)
2018 – 3rd International Literary Festival “to the sea-girt shores of Cyprus” Ideogramma Publishing House. ISBN: 978-9963-2371-1-1 (Turkish/Greek)
2009 – Pekin, Mufide & Tsitselikis, Konstantinos – The two sides of Meric – Lozan Mubadilleri Vakfi Publications. (Greek/Turkish)

Lale Alatli is a member of the Panhellenic Association of Translators. This enables her to certify the documents she translates, so that they could be submitted to any organization for any purpose. She is also a member of Translators without Borders.

Our high quality services, our long lasting experience and client satisfaction which is of great significance to us, they all reflect on the number of companies, official organizations and private individuals that trust us, and the long-lasting relations we build with them.

The translation services we offer meet all your needs, including official documents. We carry out translations of texts and documents, including those which require the employment of special terminology (in areas such as European Union projects, technology, science, law, tourism etc.) always with special focus on professional correctness, reliability, consistency, confidentiality and speed.

Translation of company websites into another or more languages constitutes one of the first steps that needs to be taken today by every business that wants not only to enhance its profile but also to make progress, expand into new markets and make itself more appealing to new customers.
The accurate transmission of all content and information is of vital importance as it gives the reader the sense that the information he or she is reading was originally written in his or her native language. Language mistakes made in translation thwarts this irrevocably.

By having your website translated, you make yourself visible to foreign visitors, advertise your business and increase your product and service sales. By showing respect to your customers’ language and culture, you make them feel closer to you and increase their satisfaction.

Our expertise and experience gives us the opportunity to meet the most demanding requirements independently of the structure and the technical properties of the website, the translation of which we have taken on.