Presentation of 2 books: Lale Alatli’s translations

In the literature discussion titled “From the Two Sides of the Aegean / Peace and Literature”, which took place in Akademi Bookshop, two important books were presented. The first one, ‘Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Story Anthology’ is a compilation of stories that storytellers from both sides of Cyprus wrote, including their translations into either Turkish and Greek. All the Greek stories were translated into Turkish by the translator Lale Alatli. The second book, ‘America ’62’, is another book from the Greek Cypriot literature that Lale Alatli translated into Turkish. It was written by the prominent Greek-Cypriot author, Panos Ioannides, also the President of Cyprus PEN Authors Association. Originated in the author’s own memories, it is a book of a journey, presenting the readers with an observation of the United States in the 60’s through the eyes of a foreigner.
The discussion was moderated by the journalist, Celal Baslangic and the speakers included both books’ translator Lale Alatli, and literature critic Feridun Andac. Lale Alatli, emphasised the fact that the anthology leaves its readers with ideas of friendship and peace, adding that she believes the only thing that will make our lives easier is peace and friendship.

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